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Doba Dash Survey

You are a street surfer about to go on an incredible adventure, racing to the finish line! Are you excited?


We are coming up to a crossroad. Time to pick which way you want to go.

Are you part of a group, family, or community of any kind that actively recycles waste?


Alright. We are getting somewhere, and we are getting somewhere fast. Wonder what else is up ahead?


Alright. Now we are about to get a really cool power-up. It will help us get ahead in the race!

What kind of waste do you reduce, reuse and recycle most?


Big boost in speed! We are going to reach the finish line in no time.


Wow, we are moving really fast now. But maybe we can put in more power to get even further.

How often do you encourage your peers, family, or community to practice recycling and/or other
environmental practices?

Okay, we are moving really fast now. It is almost overwhelming!


Did you know that street surfers are actively helping combat climate change by collecting
recyclable trash and delivering it to recycling plants?

Oh dear! We need to make a really sharp turn now at this bend. We’re moving so fast, are we going
to make it?


Phew! We made it somehow. That was close!


We lost a bit of momentum with that last turn. We need a power-up. Oh, here it comes!

How likely are you to make an online donation to fund a new game that will help educate more
individuals and communities about how to fight climate change?

Yes! We are back on track with some blinding speed.


Okay. Moment of truth, the finish line is approaching. We need to put in one more burst of power to
win this!

How much are you willing to donate online to a game that will educate the masses on how to fight
global warming and save the planet?


Wow. That is an amazing boost of power. Is it going to be enough? Are we going to make it?

Finish Line

We did it! We won the race. We made it to the finish line unscathed.

Thank you for answering the questions in this fun and exciting survey. Just like you were racing to help
us, we have to race to help the planet. It is a real race against time to battle climate change and save
the environment. But we at SpaceSalad Studios are doing our bit to be a force of change.

Try out the demo for our new and exciting game, Doba Dash, which is all about racing to save the world. Thank
you once again.

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