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MEET THE Astronauts


Thabo Tsolo

Game Designer, 3D Animator and Managing Director

I am Thabo and I am a 25 year old game designer at SpaceSalad Studios. I studied animation and game design at City Varsity and got my diploma. For as long as I can remember I have always been passionate about telling stories based on my surroundings. The game design gave me an opportunity to tell my stories better than any other platform available. I can fully immerse my audience in the stories I tell.

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Wandile Matsebula

Lead Sound Designer and Social Media Manager and Director

I am Wandile and I am lead sound designer at SpaceSalad Studios. I use the problem solving techniques I learnt from my double major Psychology and Archaeology degree, acquired at wits, to navigate my way around SpaceSalad Studios.


I also handle the SpaceSalad social media accounts which has been an interesting journey, however, I'm always up for a challenge.

My passions include, all things music, bike riding (Namely BMX), Nature & Hiking, Sim racing and any other activity of the competitive nature.

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Rethabile Koma

Lead Programmer and Director

My name is Rethabile Koma, I'm 25 years old and have been the lead programmer for all past and
present video game projects at Space Salad Studios. Video games have been my passion since a very
young age, almost my entire life. I studied game development at Fullsail University in Orlando Florida
and am proficient in many programming languages with a focus in C++ and C#.
I was born in South Africa and am currently working to grow the game development industry within the

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Neo Ramathinyane

Visual Development Artist, 2D Animator and Director

I'm a Johannesburg based Visual Development Artist and 2D-Animator.


Having interned at a few animation studios as a 2D animator, I took the leap to visual development in games. I fell in love with the ability to create rich worlds filled with their own cultural atmospheres that are inspired by real life cultures. I believe in bridging the gaps between the fictional worlds that Space Salad creates with real world audiences using a simple but effective visual language.

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Minentle Ndzala

Sound Designer and Business Admin and Director

My name is Minentle Alinder Ndzala and I am a sound designer of SpaceSalad Studios

I attended a business coarse at GIBS Business School call Biz School and studied business management at Rosebank collage. This skill has helped me understand the business of Spacesalad Studios which i also dabble in.


My passion has always been music, but after that is Playing F1 and Tech

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