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Hot Bunz is a physics-based 2D Platformer Party Game with one goal, players must navigate their characters through an obstacle course with rotating rings to collect as many gold coins in a series of increasingly complex levels.

Doba dash

Doba Dash is a 3D combat racing game that gamifies the recycling work of the informal waste pickers aka 'Street Surfers' as they work hard to save the planet from Climate Change.


p.o.o weekly

Pick your favorite political character. Go back in time to learn about the most important moments of South African History post Apartheid. Defeat the enemies of the time in hopes to understand what has led us to our current democracy.


UZG is an African Zombie Apocalypse game where players have to pick a character to help them fight the zombie waves. Learn about the different kinds of Zombies and weaknesses, discover new safety camps and rescue your friends in this action pack twin stick shooter game.



Horn - Nie is a 2d Action Adventure game about a Rhino with no horn and how he raids warehouses which hold endangered animals captive. In this game you get to fight back the poachers and save your captured animal friends from danger while upgrading your character.


This game is about a flower that the player has to guide down a narrow passage. Try to avoid hitting the walls as this causes damage to the flower. Get the flower in the hands of the person to receive it.


client work



Based on the graphic Novel Rapulani, Rapz is a game about a little girl who goes on adventures while teaching young Black girls how to take care of their hair.


This project focuses on using animation as a tool to educate kids about the Covid-19 Pandemic. Through the eyes of Wazi, the titular character of Wazi’s Wonderful World, children are taught about Covid-19 and how to protect themselves and their loved ones.

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